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Full Service Web Design
and Inbound Marketing Agency

Using either HubSpot or Wordpress platforms, we create responsive websites that speak to your customers to attract visitors, generate leads and increase revenue for your business.


Responsive Design and Development

At a time when over half the web-using public is accessing websites through smartphones and mobile devices, having your pages show clearly and correctly is a necessity across multiple devices. The HubSpot and Wordpress platforms each provide a user-friendly interface to make web maintenance and marketing a snap, but also help you organize your website for your site visitor, so you provide the best user experience to your audience.

Training and On-going Support

Once your website is complete, we provide training, regular site updates, automated backups and future maintenance when you need it. Either way, you can be assured you won’t have to go it alone.

Which Platform is Right for Me?

Inbound Marketing to Attract and Convert

Well-planned inbound marketing strategies provide an efficient way to reach the right people through social media, blog posting, email campaigns and so on, while providing a reliable way to track results and offer insight into future campaigns. We can help you plan and implement your inbound strategy to increase your site visitors, and improve your ROI.

Your Partner in Inbound

Your business is unique in every way and your inbound marketing strategy should be too. After a thorough analysis of your goals, customers and competitors, we’ll put together a Full-Force Content Marketing™ plan that we’ll track and adjust to be sure it’s successful.

More About Inbound Services

The Team that Gets the Job Done

Carefully selected for their broad range of expertise in web design, inbound marketing and content generation, the staff at Cedar Creek Web Design comprise one of the greatest teams around. We have a chemistry that not only gets the job done, but done efficiently and done better than any other internet marketing company.

Research, brainstorming and project collaboration provide the best solutions for our clients. You'll never pay for a service that doesn't fit closely with your goals — keeping our eyes on your short- and long-term goals, and working with you to stay on target AND on budget provide you with results.

Results is what you're after and getting results is what we do best.





Creative Director, Project Coordinator, Inbound Marketer, Wordpress Developer




Director of Operations

Account Manager, Copywriter, Social Media Manager and Inbound Marketer



Account Manager

Account Manager, Copywriter, Social Media Manager and Inbound Marketer



Web Designer, Wordpress Developer

But that's not all! Craig also specializes in social media management, video production and general site maintentance.

Kind Words from Our Friends

Scott - for author Kathleen Ernst

"The friendly and talented people at Cedar Creek helped us design and create a company website as professional and engrossing as my wife’s award-winning books. They built the page templates and navigation system, created the artwork and color schemes, added audio, video, slide shows, and customized Google maps, helped us with SEO, and taught us how to enter and update our content. And when we’ve found ourselves up the creek without a paddle, we’ve gotten great support from Cedar Creek."

Scott - for author Kathleen Ernst

Paul Sulewski - President, Stoughton Lease

"Cedar Creek Web Design was paramount in helping us get our new website up and running. They sat down with us and laid out a plan to help get our website up and running in the time frame we needed. They were also a great resource to help us come up with a design that would put us a notch above our competitors."

Paul Sulewski - President, Stoughton Lease